Crowfall preps ‘Siege Perilous’ castle siege testing for ‘later this month’


ArtCraft is previewing its next big pre-alpha rollout for Crowfall, codenamed Siege Perilous: the “first phase of testing for some of the initial features that will eventually become [the game’s] castle siege system.”

Design Lead Thomas Blair writes that the testing phase will take place on a modified map that leaps past the prep stage of battles straight to castle sieging itself. One faction defends the Tree of Life inside the keep, while the other defends its grove outside the keep. Victory comes through destroying the enemy tree(s) or outlasting the timer.

Siege weapons, in the form of catapults that function as Crowfall’s “first working mounts,” will be seen in action during the test; players will use them to bust through the walls and towers of castles.

Blair tells eager players they can start testing “later this month”:

“As always, we will start by inviting the Pre-Alpha 1 and Pre-Alpha 2 test groups. Once the test is reasonably stable, we’ll begin to roll in more test groups: Alpha 1, then Alpha 2, and then Alpha 3. Within each of those groups, we invite players in waves based on original pledge date (i.e. the first time you became a backer).”

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