EVE Online player spends three years visiting every system


Despite the common perception that EVE Online is nothing but corporate intrigue and scams, some players do actually eschew the cutthroat capitalist meta game for something else entirely. One such example is Katia Sae, a player who made it her mission to explore every single system and planet in the game.

It only took her three years of game time to do so.

Over those three years, Katia Sae visited all 5,201 systems and over 44,000 planets in her quest to be the game’s predominant explorer. Even more interesting, she admits that she was never fragged in her journeys: “One of the most memorable and perhaps the funniest was when I was asked in local why they couldn’t find me on any killboards. I found it was more difficult to explain than I thought when I said I hadn’t lost a ship nor engaged in any combat. I don’t think they believed me or could grasp the concept.”

Source: EVENT. Thanks to CistaCista for the tip!
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