See Andy Serkis mimic zero gee for Squadron 42


There’s a theory out there that Andy Serkis was actually born in a full motion-capture suit as part of an educational series for expectant mothers. Whether or not this is true, you can’t deny that the man has done an awful lot of work for films by pretending to be all manner of aliens, Gollums, and King Kongs.

He’s been enlisted, so to speak, to provide the motions and animations for the always easy-to-spell Thul’Óqquray in Squadron 42. In a new video, you can see Serkis diving off of boards and chatting up Chris Roberts in between takes. He even uses a special harness to replicate the effect of zero gravity on his character.

See, believe, and be amazed that someone gets paid to do all of this (but it’s not you). It’s all there after the jump.

Source: YouTube
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