Darkfall: Rise of Agon lays the foundation for player testing


Darkfall’s Rise of Agon reboot spent the last week prepping the servers for the game’s eventual player test, according to a new developer diary. Perhaps setting up a balanced server configuration doesn’t sound exciting to you, but rest assured that it’s quite important if you want to enjoy the game in the future.

“Now it’s a matter of getting the development tools into the right hands, ensuring AI is functioning across the board, and creating an optimal environment for play testing,” the team reported. “Once we have both player quest and clan systems up and running the game will be very close to where it was at when it shutdown in late 2012.”

The team also reported that it’s improving the website, making a list of all bugs from the original version that need to be addressed, and reviewing all of the materials that Aventurine sent its way.

Source: Dev diary
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