Atlas Reactor’s Oz will restore your faith in humanity

Yesterday Trion Worlds’ turn-based PvP title Atlas Reactor launched a special open alpha event for the world at large. The limited-time test is meant to whet players’ appetites for the upcoming game and perhaps encourage them to plunk down some cash for a founder’s pack so they can get into the closed beta later this month.

With the open alpha comes a new character to the game, Oz. “Oz, the holo-illusionist extraordinaire, brings the number of available freelancers to 15 and rivals existing characters Pup and Quark for most devastating combination of personality and effectiveness,” Trion Worlds said. “Oz is a versatile Firepower freelancer who generates afterimages that mirror his abilities and confound enemies. He and his holographic counterparts can triangulate attacks and trade positions with one another, so strategic movements and positioning are key to maximizing his damage output.”

You want the open alpha event trailer? We’ve got it for you after the break.

Source: Press release, YouTube
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Nothing from Trion could restore my faith in their company, let alone all of humanity.