Black Desert says new classes, karma tweaks are on the way


Are you part of the horde of gamers who are enjoying the sandbox goodness of Black Desert these days? If so, you probably have many questions about the game and its future, which is why we want to point you in the direction of a fresh community Q&A with Daum Games.

In the post, the studio confirmed that more classes are on their way to the game: “Musa/Maehwa (aka Blader/Plum which have been renamed to their original historical names) will be released soon. Ninja/Kunoichi will be released down the road.”

Daum did not have any word on when character transfers will be available and said that it is looking at ways to adjust the controversial karma system. Players curious about a PvE-only server were pointed to the answer on the karma system, which may indicate that this is one of the solutions that Daum is considering.

Players curious about a roadmap for the title’s updates got some clue about what’s to come:

“We are roughly following a similar update pattern as in the [Korean]¬†service, but we will have many exceptions where we either grab some brand new features that have been just released on KR right away or split them up into content batches for technical reasons. For example we were planning to release the Castle Siege Mode in April, but due to our different server setups compared to the KR service, we are now in the process of upgrading our Server structure (in regards of specs) to provide the best environment possible. This will take a bit of time due to the ordering process of new technical assets, which will result in postponing the castle siege slightly and releasing some other content first.”

Source: Official forum. Thanks to MikeyMoo for the tip!
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