Path of Exile updates its new currency stash tab

Launched a few weeks ago, Path of Exile’s currency stash tab was intended to allow players to sort their myriad currencies into their stashes for the cost of 75 points ($7.50 US). This week, Grinding Gear Games has further refined the new feature.

“We’ve moved the Exalted Orb Position to prevent accidentally exalting your items during crafting. There’s now an item slot in the middle to make crafting easier!” says the studio. “We’ve also added five unassigned currency slots for items like Eternal Rhoa Coins and excesses of regular currency.”

The new patch will be retroactive for already purchased tabs. There’s a new walkthrough video too; we’ve included it below.


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It’s not a big patch, but imho it deserves kudos, nonetheless. After the first iteration of the currency stash tab, there was a lot of user feedback. Many of the suggestions have made it into this version. I continue to be impressed by how much GGG engages with its community. In the other direction Chris has been very open about the challenges they are facing with sever disconnects and what the team is trying to combat the problem. Sure, the issue is still annoying, but its amazing how far these regular updates by the developer go to not only appease the fanbase but turn into a loyal following.