Guild Wars 2 is nerfing Super Adventure Box tribulation mode cheesing


Can’t hack Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Box but really want a sparkly orange weapon? Get your runs while you can. ArenaNet Game Security Lead Chris Cleary has told players on the official forums that selling trips into the tribulation of mode of SAB is technically legal and not considered an exploit, but the studio is patching it out sooner rather than later:

“As of now we don’t have a problem with players doing this. While the late join is unintended, if players want to pay for this service, that’s fine. It does trivialize the skins some, but this isn’t any different than the skins from purchasing a raid run or a dungeon run (which we also are ok with). As long as the transaction is completed and players are getting what they paid for, fine. However, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to fix this. A fix is in the works right now, and that fix may happen before SAB closes or be there for the next time the festival opens.”

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