Worlds Adrift walks down the fashion runway


Cosmetics are serious business, people. And lest you think we’re joking, we really are not: Players obviously care deeply about how their characters look in MMOs. Making an outfit that looks unique and striking while speaking to the personality and preferences of the player for some is a major game goal.

Worlds Adrift hears you, fashionistas, and Worlds Adrift cares. The dev team posted a blog talking about the different customization options coming to the MMO’s wardrobe. Clothing can be found and crafted, and each piece can be worn by either gender. It also sounds like there’s going to be a nice variety present: “Pirates, engineers, traders, hunters, and explorers should all have relevant clothing pieces to choose from at the start of the game but if they want to stand out from the crowd they are going to have to¬†get exploring and discover new items.”

Feast your eyes on the fashion of Worlds Adrift after the jump!


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