Darkfall reboots vie for your love (and your wallet)

For obvious example...

Both Darkfall reboot projects continue to barrel ahead, seeking to establish a foothold among the PvP community with their different visions. No matter which game you support (assuming that you have a preference), it appears that both reboots are making great progress toward launch.

New Dawn is working on getting a stress test going, but before that the team was able to get a feature patch put together faster than anticipated. The patch contains some quality-of-life improvements, like changing the default bindings, and reduced the complexity of skill acquisition.

Rise of Agon might be winning the race to get into players’ hands first, however. The game went into alpha testing last week with an initial wave of 500 player invites. An NDA is currently in place for the alpha, although the team expects to lift that soon and welcome a greater number of testers into the game. The reboot also launched a new website and online store for its fans.

You can check out Rise of Agon’s alpha launch trailer below!

Source: New Dawn, Rise of Agon. Thanks to Marc and Housemaster for the tips!
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