Albion Online starts rework on Morgana’s faction


Expect to hear gamers in the future shout “MORGANA!” in frustrated anger with fists raised to the sky. This will be thanks to Albion Online taking this witchy woman and making her faction a true terror in the game.

A rework of Morgana’s faction┬áhas begun, although the team said that it has a ways to go in getting the balance of this high-end faction just right. The long and the short of it is that while monsters in the overworld have been nerfed somewhat, mobs like Morgana’s forces are going to hit a lot harder in dungeons.

“Morgana’s followers will start posing a serious threat,” the devs promised, “especially those lurking in the dungeons. Thanks to the new death mechanic, the difficulty of PvE group-play can be raised significantly. The goal is to make parties think carefully about their composition and strategy, otherwise they will face certain death. Make a mistake, no matter how small, and you will be punished for it. In short, fights will be more engaging, active and reactive.”

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