Guild Wars 2’s spring update launches April 19; watch the teaser trailer


We’ve just received an interesting little sneak peek at a teaser trailer for the upcoming Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns Spring Quarterly update that’s now been confirmed for April 19th. The video below is an action-packed 30-second glimpse at what’s to come,  so I’d recommend giving it more than a few watches to unpack all the little easter eggs in there that I’ve undoubtedly missed. While it’s not particularly spoilerific because of its sneaky, teasing nature, I’d recommend giving it a miss if you are really worried about spoilers.

It goes by rather quickly, so I most definitely recommend getting familiar with the pause button at around the 0:14-0:16 mark. A chained up giant behemoth encased in scaffolding, beautiful gliding apparatus that I want to wear IRL, and super-cool bow shots aside, there’s a distinctly Tarir feel to the video, which isn’t particularly surprising considering where we’ve been left off in the story. Delightfully hideous monstrosities also feature heavily in those final few seconds, promising plenty of action to come in the update.

If you’ve been out of the loop for a while, know that this update is billed to be largely corrective and ArenaNet’s hope is that it’ll appeal to current, lapsed, and new players due to its holistic approach to improving the expansion and game at large. Most areas of the game will be touched by the update, including highly anticipated improvements to WvW and the last legendary weapon drop we’ll have for a considerable while. As the first major update under Mike O’Brien’s direction, it’ll be very interesting to see whether the Spring Quarterly update hits the mark with both old and new fans.

The teaser trailer will be shared on ArenaNet’s official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube later today, so stay tuned for more word on what’s in store for us come update launch. In the meantime, check out the mini gallery of stills below and enjoy picking through them to tease out more information.

Source: ArenaNet press release
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