Has WildCard reached a settlement with Trendy? [Update: Probably.]


Is the Trendy versus Studio Wildcard legal sparring nearing an end? A recent tweet from Susan Claire Stieglitz Browning, co-founder and former business manager for Studio Wildcard, would indicate that’s the case — and not only that but that ARK: Survival Evolved’s creators will be forking over a significant amount of cash. Her tweet, a reply to a follower on her earlier statement of visiting the lawyer’s office yesterday, states, “After learning how much money is about to be removed from WildCard’s bank account… I don’t think coffee will do it.”

Fans of the popular sandbox survival game have understandably been interested in the proceedings since the legal actions came to light, but official information has been scant throughout the ordeal. Instead, most informational tidbits that we’ve had have been tossed out on Twitter. What we know is that Trendy has alleged that Jeremy Stieglitz, the husband of Browning and former creative director at Trendy, violated contractual agreements, including participating in the development of ARK, and therefore Trendy was seeking an injunction and/or damages.

Has a settlement truly been reached? And if it has, how will it affect the development of the two ARK versions going forward? We’ve reached out to Studio Wildcard for comment, and we’ll let you know as soon as we learn anything more!

Source: Twitter; thanks to Tanek for the tip!
Update: A Redditor posted images he claims prove he spoke to Browning and that she confirmed Wildcard had settled out of court for $40 million US. The post has since been deleted.

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