Star Conflict celebrates Cosmonautics Day


Star Conflict stood up straight and saluted Cosmonautics Day this week, a day that marks the 55th anniversary of humanity sending a person into space for the first time. Along with a few in-game references, the occasion coincided with the new 1.3.5 patch.

The patch added a trio of premium ships that players can earn and assemble without necessarily spending money to do so. Components for these ships are found in PvE, PvP, and coop modes across the game. The ships are the Archelon guard frigate, the Stingray gunship, and the Brokk engineering frigate.

Other changes with 1.3.5 include the ability to slot a Halo launcher on destroyers, more varied enemies in PvE missions, new corporation icons, and assorted bug fixes.

Source: Star Conflict. Thanks to I-Spy for the tip!
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