Mu Legend wants to satisfy your ARPG cravings


Has Mu Legend grabbed your attention yet? This action-RPG has been in development since 2011 and is on the cusp of closed beta testing in Korea, with about 60% of the game completed at this point. If hopes, dreams, wishes, and ponies can pull together, it should be coming over here as well.

MMO Culture posted an interview with the dev team about the making of this prequel to 2001’s Mu Online. But just because the game shares a name and lineage with Mu Online doesn’t mean that Mu Legend will be merely a graphical update.

Mu Legend was decided to be hack-and-slash MMORPG with the previous quarter view,” the devs said. “We thought having a quarter-view will allow users to feel the joy of mass battle using simple mouse and keyboard control”

The team talked about Mu Legend’s four classes (with another on the way!), its approach to PvP, and how the game might fare against other ARPGs in development such as Lineage Eternal.

So what about that western release, hm? “We are still in the first CBT stage, and even the domestic Korean service plan is not decided yet, so I cannot give you any comments related with future plan or schedule,” came the official response. “One thing I can say is, because we are aiming for global service and not just Korea, we will try to make Mu Legend into a game which will satisfy all players around the world.”

Source: MMO Culture
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