A new exploit hits The Division for unlimited damage

Shoot pile.

What’s the ideal amount of DPS for a weapon in The Division? Higher numbers are better, definitely, but an endlessly climbing number probably seems like it might have balance issues. Unfortunately, another exploit has wound up in the game, allowing players to boost their DPS to an arbitrarily high number. Which isn’t technically “unlimited,” yes, but once you reach the point that a single shot will kill anything a dozen times over isn’t that just splitting hairs?

You can see the exploit in action in a video below, although it’s fair to point out that you should not attempt to recreate this exploit unless you want to get caught and punished. No word yet on what sort of punishment that will be, though, as players still haven’t gotten a definitive punishment for people who exploited the last major known glitch. This is an ongoing struggle for Ubisoft.

Source: YouTube via Kotaku
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