League of Legends rolls out magical changes in the mid-season

There has to be money here somewhere.
The mages of League of Legends have never stopped being relevant to the game, but over time they have suffered from a lack of mechanical identity. They just haven’t kept up with the pace of the game, and some of them are looking just a bit dated in light of more recent character designs and redesigns. So as the mid-season period hits the game, the mages are taking center stage along with magical items and elemental dragons.

More than a dozen mages are getting reworks, ranging from large-scale changes to characters like Zyra and Brand to smaller but significant shifts for Xerath and Ziggs.Dragon spawns are changing to include a new set of elemental dragons, replaced 35 minutes in by an Elder Dragon that offers big rewards for taking him down. Combine that with the changes to existing magical items, and players can expect to wind up with a very different game in the wake of the mid-season shifts.


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Riot really is trying super hard to keep things interesting and refreshing these days so that their dominance stays afloat for awhile longer (and so they can milk the cash cow as much as possible).  The RNG aspect is going to potentially make/break team comps and that could become very problematic on a competitive level.   Just imagine if a poke comp gets the Water dragon buff stacked up multiple times.  Or a heavy engage comp gets the Fire buff to where they can just death ball everything.   This is cool and all for casual viewership + casual players, which is what Riot has clearly been focusing on (pretty much going down the exact same path Blizzard did with WoW… not even joking), but it seems like yet another drastic and unnecessary change done just to try and force the game to be different and fresh while the competitive players are stuck with no choice but to put up with Riot’s continual showing of how out of touch they are with their competitive player-base.