The Crew heads off to the stunt races

Here in my car, etc.

The Crew isn’t the sort of game that you want to give to first-week drivers ed students as a way to teach them responsible vehicle operation. But it certainly is a terrific release if you’re a model driver who wants to live out the fantasy of a wild life.

Speaking of getting really wild, a new patch for the game this week has introduced motorcycle stunt races. In this mode, players can explore special tracks and perform all sorts of crowd-pleasing tricks, then engage in off-road races that combine speed and fancy flips to create as crazy of an experience as possible.

The patch also throws in a few new camera options for those who love filming themselves, a freedrive challenge, more summit qualifying events, sliding for bikes, and a new car, the Pagani Zonda. PvP players who were trying to cheese rewards by sitting idle will no longer get away with such lazy attitudes.

Check out some of these new stunt moves below!

Source: Patch notes
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Coolness. I think I have to fire this game up again soon.


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