Villagers & Heroes revamps newbie zones and hits bugs where they live


A general quality-of-life patch has landed in Villagers & Heroes to improve its beginner experience as well as hand players more tools to report bugs.

The tutorials have received a dev pass with the update, including the addition of a Gilly Tunnel starter zone. “We have also done a massive overhaul on the tutorial zones, one which new and rebirthed players alike are sure to find, we believe, to their liking,” the devs┬ásaid.

The patch also contains new bug tracking software and the ability for players to take screenshots as they’re reporting issues. Because of┬áthis, the studio said that it no longer wants players to use the forums to report bugs in the game.

Villagers & Heroes recently announced that it is developing a mobile version of the game for Android devices.

Source: Patch notes

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