Crowfall adjusts the performance of armor to improve diversity

Suit up.

Armor in Crowfall is about more than just stacking the biggest armor values and praying for rain; it’s meant as a tactical choice for every given player. Your character isn’t forced to wear plate or leather armor based on archetype; instead, you base that decision on what is giving you a better advantage for what you’re trying to do. While the initial pass of the game’s armor systems had some trouble, the developers have outlined a new set of restrictions and benefits that should make armor more meaningful as a player choice.

Most archetypes have had their damage buffed, but to compensate, heavier armor now actually decreases damage done when worn. The counterpoint, of course, is that heavier armor also provides better defense against most physical attacks (not necessarily magical ones). There’s also a new set of armor benefits in place for archetypes wearing gear of the same type in all slots. It’s doubtlessly not the final pass of the game’s armor system, but it should force a rethink of some of the existing assumptions for wearing a set.


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Francis courant
Francis courant

The enchantment system seems pretty cool.
“The basic idea is that you would collect a particular set of armor pieces (gauntlet A + breastplate B + boot C + helmet D) and then you can enchant that set with a particular interesting spell effect that only triggers when the entire set is worn by a particular character (i.e. the effect might only work for characters of a particular archetype, discipline or with certain skill prerequisites).”