How to get started as an assassin in Elder Scrolls Online’s Dark Brotherhood DLC


Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming Dark Brotherhood DLC might not be releasing until the end of May, but you can already sample it on the public test server. Wanna know how to get started? ZeniMax has released a guide for that as of today. The studio says you can hop on a boat to the Gold Coast, visit Outlaw’s Refuge to pick up the Voices in the Dark Quest, or pluck the quest from your Collections UI under the DLC option. That’ll deposit you in Anvil, one the two new cities in the DLC, where you’ll get started with contracts to execute targets with your trusty new stabbin’ blade.

There are also two new delves out in the world.

“Dark Brotherhood introduces two new delves that you’ll want to check out. The first is Hrota Cave, found near Anvil, and the other is Garlas Agea which you can find closer to the middle of the zone. In addition, two new world bosses in the Gold Coast are looking for challengers to defeat them. Limenauruus is a towering minotaur found at Tribune’s Folly near the center of the zone, and the other world boss can be found lurking in the Kvatch Arena.”

Wondering why you should care about the lore of the DLC? Massively OP ESO columnist Larry Everett’s column earlier today covered the background of the group and speculated on the nature of the guild’s questline. He even takes umbrage with calling the Brotherhood an assassins guild. “Personally, I consider the Dark Brotherhood a cult,” he concludes.

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