Landmark NPCs can talk your ear off after today’s patch


Are you ready for another whopper set of patch notes for Landmark? Today’s hotfix will see combat tweaks, equipment rebalancing (along with a slower rate of decay), new props added, bugs fixed, and plenty of improvements added. However, the biggest news might be improvements to storytelling; the new features really up the ante of this system. NPC text, chat bubbles, NPC animations, and simple language linking now allow players to actually tell more of a story instead of just using visual cues. Story mode props can now also be scaled in size. You can watch a dev demonstration of the new story features in the clip below.

For all the builders out there, some of the other changes include (but are most definitely not limited to) working proximity mines, fixed emitters and lights to function properly with linking and triggering, and more sphere and cube brush sizes.  And hallelujah, deleting your claim also now returns all props are materials instead of clogging your inventory. Many, many more juicy tidbits are ripe for the reading in today’s patch notes.

Source: Patch notes
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