Survival sandbox Fragmented launches in early access


Out of the wreckage that was The Repopulation’s 2015 has arisen a champion to help sustain interest in the project and serve as a prologue of sorts for the developing┬áMMO: Fragmented. Above and Beyond Technologies announced yesterday that the multiplayer survival sandbox has officially launched on Steam early access.

This early access release was paired with a Day One patch that included changes to housing, PvP, and trade skills. Former owners of The Repopulation received a copy of Fragmented for free earlier this week, while any other interested parties will need to buy it to see what it offers. The game is currently 25% off on its Steam page.

Fragmented offers many modes and rulesets from which to choose, including PvP, PvE, online, offline, casual, and hardcore. Players can choose to host their own servers if so desired and tweak the game’s rules to desired levels.

Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie took a first look at the game on Monday:

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