Zek is reborn as EverQuest II launches GU100 for members


If you’ve been looking forward to seeing EverQuest II’s Zek in a whole new way, GU100 has delivered up a tasty treat to All Access members today. Zek, the Scourge Wastes overland zone — complete with treasure hunts — and the new Scourge Keep instances are open and welcoming level 100 visitors. (And by welcoming, we mean ready to dish heaping helpings of death upon players!) Also waiting with open doors are the new Ruins of Varsoon, Temple of Cazic-Thule, Chamber of Immortality, and Sanctum of Fear Fabled dungeons.

Those who aren’t a All Access members still get some update goodies, including the chance to say, “I do” with the new Heartbound mechanic, and the opportunity to romp about Shard of Love at any level from 20 to 100. And lo and behold, the progression server isn’t s.o.l. in regards to SoL — players on Stormhold also get access to the level-agnostic zone. All players can also utilize the experience vial system, buy owl mounts and pets, and build up their Resolve, the newly introduced equipment stat.


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