Das Tal recaps recent balance changes, previews upcoming ideas


When a game is in development like Das Tal, sometimes it can be difficult to keep up on all the changes. As such, the devs have pulled together a rather large post outlining all of the recent balance changes to stats, abilities, weapons, and armor. When perusing this extensive list, devs caution players to not get caught up in the idea of a perfect equilibrium between each class, “as it would get the game stale and boring.”

That list only covers skills and such already in game; what about upcoming skills? To satisfy player curiosity, Das Tal has also released a document sharing early concepts of abilities for all weapons and armors as well the first abilities for the Healer, Phalanx, and Trapper. The devs invite folks to offer up their opinions on the ideas, which may or be reworked or even scrapped totally depending on how they work out in prototyping.

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