Final Fantasy XIV previews patch 3.3 via live producer’s letter

What is even happening now
The next Final Fantasy XIV patch doesn’t have a release date yet, but it does have a fair amount of its content already revealed via the most recent live letter from producer Naoki Yoshida. Saying that it’s going to be a big patch doesn’t mean much, given the game’s usual patch size, but this looks bulky even by those standards, with new MSQ entries, dragon/moogle beast tribe quests, Hildibrand quests, two new dungeons, and the next 24-person alliance raid. And that’s just the stuff that pretty much everyone knew about beforehand.

The patch will also contain a new type of dungeon that can be randomly found from treasure maps, a new map for Frontlines, and the previously announced Palace of the Dead content. Many more housing plots are also promised for release in 3.3, with prices to be released, suggesting that it won’t be the same prices as current housing. Players can also look forward to crossover weapons and minions from Yo-Kai Watch this summer, although the exact timing has yet to be announced. As the opening said, even by FFXIV patch sizes, this one looks big.


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