How MMORPG character gear is made in APB: Reloaded


APB: Reloaded has posted a new dev blog this week all about how character wearables are designed and inserted into the game.

“The character and clothing pipeline for APB Reloaded is very convoluted and can get very restrictive at times due to the nature of the game’s customization systems,” says GamersFirst. The artist begins with a concept and prototype mockup, then a mockup that follows the rules of what’s possible in the game, then high- and low-poly meshes, then morph sets, then texture mapping and templates, and then color masks for end-user customization. Oh, and don’t forget actually porting it into the game with the proper specs and icons!

Even if you don’t play APB, it’s a good look at how gear is made for all MMORPG players who’ve ever been tempted to think slapping together a cosmetic suit is easy.


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