Diablo III adds its five-year sword as a transmog reward

This is not a safe working environment.

How long do you have to work at your current job before you get a sword? If you worked for Blizzard Entertainment, the answer would be that you get a sword after five years, which is either too much time before you get a sword or not nearly long enough. If you want the sword but don’t work for Blizzard, however, you’re out of luck… unless you play Diablo III and you take the time to hunt down the transmog Easter egg that was added with the game’s most recent patch.

So how do you get these swords? They’re very rare, and thus the only way to unlock these items is to defeat those who already have them. That’s going to take a bit of scouring the hidden corners of Sanctuary. Isn’t it worth it for a sword with such special connotations, though?

Note: By defeating those who already have them, we mean defeating things in-game. Please do not go to the Blizzard Entertainment offices and try to defeat someone who actually owns one of the five-year swords. By definition, they have a sword, which is a substantial advantage in a fight.

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