Neverwinter launches The Maze Engine on Xbox One today

The Forgotten Realms is still boring and generic as heck, though.
You probably should not taunt anyone who has access to something called a “Maze Engine.” At a quick glance at the name, it sounds like an engine for making endless, maddening labyrinths, so at the first sign of mockery the owner would likely trap you inside of a winding network of passages for all eternity whilst remaining deaf to your screams for mercy. Or maybe it’s just a really big guillotine or something. We’re not sure exactly what the Maze Engine is, admittedly, but you can find out today in Neverwinter as the eponymous expansion hits the Xbox One.

Aside from bringing in all of the Maze Engine-related adventures you could hope for in the Underdark, this update brings a new mount system allowing players fine control over their choices of conveyance. There are also four returning leveling dungeons for players to explore as they struggle to defeat the evil demon lord Baphomet. Check out the trailer just below, and get ready for riding a motorcycle powered by mazes. Or whatever the Maze Engine actually does. It could be an engine that’s fueled by mazes.

Source: Cryptic Studios press release
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