World of Warcraft kicks off Children’s Week

Can we start, start over.

Are you just sitting around in your Garrison these days in World of Warcraft, waiting for the Burning Legion to stop farting about and invade Azeroth already? That’s a real waste; your character has plenty to offer Azeroth and Draenor both. Why not take part in the Children’s Week festivities? Then, as the top-rated comment on the announcement notes, you can show an orphan what a hero’s life is like while you both sit in your Garrison and wait for the Legion to invade.

Of course, for players who are still missing the various special non-combat pets only available during Children’s Week or want to pick up the achievements, there’s still plenty to be done for the holiday event before you go back to waiting for an invasion. The event runs through May 9th, so jump on in and start adventuring with an orphan. You don’t have to worry about the safety of said orphan, either; it’s not like the kid’s parents will be upset with whatever happens.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Rick for the tip!
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