Riders of Icarus starts selling founder’s packs and releases gameplay trailer


Planning ahead for those hot summer months? Why not schedule a vacation in the sky, complete with dragons, aerial combat, and all the free-to-play sampling that Nexon has to offer?

On July 7th, Riders of Icarus will soar into open beta, bringing a new MMORPG contender into the fray. If you’re convinced that this is worth playing and have some disposable income lying around, you can splurge on one of the new founder’s packs to get ready for this launch.

The packs range from $25 to $90 and contain, among many other things, access to the current closed beta and a seven-day head start to the open beta release. Nexon does note in the FAQ that purchase of a founder’s pack is not necessary to access the OBT.

To help you evaluate this upcoming title, check out Riders of Icarus’ new gameplay trailer below!


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