TERA teaches you how to fly above your dreams

Yes, you may have heard that flying mounts are indeed on their way to TERA. But exactly how will you turn the sky into your personal playground? Happily, En Masse has put out a helpful guide to turn you into a fantasy aviator.

According to the guide, players can unlock the quest to gain flight at level 65. TERA will give players one mount for free, with others available in the store. You should know that the game has restricted airspace, as only the zones of Velika, Val Oriyn, and Highwatch allow flight. Mounts will only be able to fly for so long before being forced to land, so make sure you keep an eye on how many seconds of airtime that you have left.

The studio said that flight won’t automatically allow you to bypass all of the landmass: “Each free-fly zone has its own limit on how high you can go on a flying mount. This is usually enough to get over tall terrain and give you a good view of the countryside… but it’s not enough to fly over all obstacles in a given zone.”

Source: Flying guide
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