Betawatch: Chronicles of Elyria racks up the funding (May 6, 2016)

Betawatch: Chronicles of Elyria racks up the funding (May 6, 2016)

On May 3rd, Chronicles of Elyria started its Kickstarter campaign. On May 4th, the developers were already hitting significant funding milestones. On May 6th, the game passed the 50% mark. If this pattern continues, by the end of the Kickstarter campaign the game will have all of the money and will go into beta five minutes later. Don’t you tell me that’s not how patterns work.

And yes, there’s plenty of other beta news this week, to boot! Everyone gets to have some fun.

And, of course, there’s a handy list of games down below with running betas that we know about. Did something jump phases without us catching it? Let us know down in the comments. Were you disappointed or impressed by a beta that’s not under NDA? Let us know down in the comments. Have you had a taco recently? You don’t need to let us know down in the comments, but it’s still good to hear.

As always, we consider an MMO to be in open testing if it features free, public signups and will server wipe prior to launch. An MMO is marked in closed testing if it’s running a private test phase that cannot freely be accessed by the general public; it’s usually under NDA as well. Early access and crowdfunded MMOs whose tests we deem legitimate will be included. So-called “open beta” soft-launch MMOs with cash shops, no sign of launch in the west, or limited interest for our readers will not be listed; we also do not list expansions.

Albion Online: Closed beta
Asta: Open beta
Beasts of Prey: Early access alpha
Boundless: Donor alpha
Camelot Unchained: Backer alpha
Children of Ur: Open alpha
Chronicles: Runescape Legends: Closed beta
Crossout: Closed beta
Crowfall: Backer pre-alpha
Cube World: Closed alpha
Das Tal: Ongoing alpha tests
DayZ: Early access
Divergence Online: Alpha
Dungeon Fighter Online: Open testing
Eleven: Closed alpha
Eternal Crusade: Early access play on Steam
Ever, Jane: Closed beta
Fragmented: Closed backer beta
Gloria Victis: Donor pre-alpha
H1Z1: Paid early access, split into two games
HEX: Unofficial open beta
Landmark: Paid closed beta, cash shop active, launching in spring
LawBreakers: Closed alpha
Life is Feudal: Early access beta
Line of Defense: Early access, removed from Steam
MyDream: Closed testing open to donors
Origins of Malu: Development suspended
Otherland: Early access
Overwatch: Open beta until May 9th, launching May 24th
Paladins: Closed beta
Paragon: Early access
Pathfinder Online: Subscription “early enrollment”
Project Genom: Closed alpha
Project Gorgon: Free, open testing
Riders of Icarus: Closed beta
Shards Online: Pre-alpha
Shroud of the Avatar: Steam early access, backer testing
SkySaga: Ongoing NA and UK alpha events
Star Citizen: Backer alpha
Stash: Backer alpha
The Black Death: Early access alpha
The Culling: Early access testing
The Repopulation: Alpha offline, moving to the Unreal engine, survival spinoff Fragmented in early access
Tree of Life: Open beta
Tree of Savior: Early access, launching in May
Tribal Wars 2: Open testing
TUG: Steam early access alpha
Valiance Online: Pre-alpha testing
Venus Rising: Closed beta (adult/NSFW), currently on development hiatus due to Hero Engine issues

Yes, MMO gamers, you too can perform the unpaid quality-control work otherwise known as game testing! Check out Massively Overpowered’s Betawatch every week for a run-down of MMOs that are still on the road to reality.

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Tamanous Ironwu I politely disagree. After a decade of MMO’s that tried to copy what worked for the industry leader, this genre sorely needs to learn the lessons of what didn’t work for those copycats.
I like the pitch of CoE. I’ll need to pace around it and observe it from more angles before I support it, but it looks different, and different is what we need.


Pashgan To be fair, when the Repop started development, Hero Engine was probably all they could afford.  Based on what Ive seen them do with the Unreal engine in such a short amount of time, Repop should in some kind of playable state by next year sometime, and looking 20x better.


What the hell is taking Albion Online so long to finish? It’s not like they’re making some next gen opus, it’s optimized for tablets for God’s sake. I wanna play hurry up!


KryptonianGL Zulika_Mi_Nam On all of my previous droids and currently on my IPAD, I use the Dolphin browser.  I have tried most of the others, but always return to that one.  If you have yet to try that one it may be worth a shot.
I keep my current phone as bare bones as possible though and do not use it to browse that much, but I used to use the browse like a beast on the droids and Dolphin was the first app to go on them.


Rheem Octuris KryptonianGL Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely give those a look!


Zulika_Mi_Nam KryptonianGL I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (which I absolutely love) and while I don’t experience the layout issues you’re seeing, instead I get this nasty popup that takes up the whole screen, that won’t allow me to click on anything to get rid of it (nor do I often dare to).
I’m sure BitDefender Mobile Security would take care of whatever malware the phone tries to install, but it’s still a PITA as it literally takes several minutes to try and get back to normal viewing. Often times, my only option (other times it’s just easier to do so) is to click on the recent apps button at the bottom left of my device and swipe Chrome out of the recent apps list (thus stopping its current action and killing any processes that exist at that moment).
I just can’t understand why it only happens when I’m viewing the Mass OP website and at no other time.

Rheem Octuris
Rheem Octuris

KryptonianGL Rheem Octuris I think I may have had similar issues. I downloaded a chrome extension that seemed to help called Popup Blocker Pro. Its free and seems to get stuff that gets past Chrome’s popup blocker. It’s free and if it doesn’t work you can just uninstall it.

You might also want to check Chrome’s pop-up blocker’s exception list first. It’s under Stettings > Advanced > Privacy > Content Settings > Pop-ups > Manage Exceptions


Pepperzine KryptonianGL That is often exactly what happens to me! Not always the playstore, but It hijacks me and takes me somewhere (I don’t want to be) and I experience the very same feeling, “Fine! Guess I’m not reading that article!”
At the very least, it’s a nuisance and has happened often enough that I’ve significantly cut down on the amount of time spent on the Massively site on my mobile device. I used to check the Massively site multiple times a day on my mobile device, now I only do so on average about once or twice every week or two.
Now, I much prefer to check the site at home on my Win 10 PC (loaded to the gills with security and web blockers) than deal with the aggravation of viewing the site on my mobile device.


Rheem Octuris KryptonianGL I’m using Chrome.


KryptonianGL I have been reading MOP all week on iphone/safari and I usually get one pop-up bottom banner and once I close it I do not get another for quite a while.  I’d say one a day avg.

I have that monster size iphone now so I can close it like 99% of the time successfully, but on my old human sized phone I would miss the “x” often – even with my long lanky Crypt Keeper digits.
I wipe my phones often so I never go through the trouble of putting my ridiculously long passwords in there – not sure if that affects the layout.  I the sidebar does get pushed below the main body even though the top banner makes space for it, but whatevs on that.