Asta’s Wrath of the Berserkers update brings a level cap increase and new area


Shh. You hear that? The rustling of leaves on the industry wind? The tweet of birds engaging in social media? The far-off distant sound of a lawnmower cutting through raid bosses? That’s the sound of an incoming content patch, and if you listen very closely, you’ll even hear the name of the game: “Asta… Asta… Asta.”

The Korean MMO announced today that it’s preparing a global “content expansion” for the end of the month called Myth I: Wrath of the Berserkers. It looks to be a meaty patch, with a level cap increase to 55, a new area called Wado, the┬áMountain of Trials dungeon, and plenty of additional quests and achievements to keep everyone busy.

The Mountain of Trials looks to be a flexible dungeon based on your interest and group size, accommodating single players, small groups, and 10-player raids. The instance contains seven bosses, each more grumpy than the last.

Source: Press release
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