Scotty joins Star Trek Online’s Agents of Yesterday expansion

Pictured: prime universe uniforms.
Montgomery Scott casts a long shadow over pop culture in general; if you’ve ever played a game in which the engineer spoke with a Scottish accent, there are even odds that it’s because of James Doohan’s portrayal of the original Enterprise engineer. Doohan’s passing has meant that the character hasn’t had a speaking role thus far in Star Trek Online, but the mantle has now been passed to his son, and the team has offered players a look into what goes in to bringing Scotty into the game properly¬†for the Agents of Yesterday expansion.

The designers went through the series piece by piece to produce a comprehensive model of Scotty’s facial structure and the way that it looked, both in his younger days during the original series and his later years from the films. It’s a fascinating look at how one translates a character from television to the video game arena, resulting in someone you’d be happy to ask to give you more power to the defense screens.

Source: Official Site; thanks to The_Grand_Nagus for the tip!
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