It’ll take you a half a year to walk across Chronicles of Elyria’s continent


When Chronicles of Elyria comes out, players will find that they have a lot of terrain to explore. How much? The developers said that it should take players about a half of a year to walk from one coast to the other.

“It takes [half] a year in-game to traverse the continent, it takes the same time for someone to traverse the US,” Soulbound stated on the forums. “In terms of actual land, it’s almost exactly the size of Taiwan and larger than over 50 different sovereign nations.”

The dev team also put out a huge article today discussing land ownership and the various titles and positions that go with it. The team said that it might not even apply to some players: “If you’re planning to just be an adventurer, a humble craftsman, an explorer or cartographer, or even a miner, chances are good you won’t need to know any of this for a good long while. Titles and land management truly is a game all-in-itself and not everyone will want or need to play. Actually, not a game. A dance. The dance of dynasties.”

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