Aika Online brings out a monster update next week


Aika Online, if you’ve forgotten, is “that game with the pran.” What’s a pran? It’s sort of like a shrimp but not. Wait, no, that’s untrue. It actually stands for princess of air nymph, a fairy-like traveling companion who “follows you through your journey and cheers for you along the way.” We all need more support like that in our lives.

Anyway, now that your memory is refreshed, you can turn your attention to the fact that Aika is bringing a rather large content patch to bear next week on May 25th. The update begins with a level cap increase (for both you and lil’ pran there) to 99 and follows that up with a new PvP rumble mode, tougher monsters in Traband, a hell mode for the Cave of Lycan, and an additional skill for each class.

Players will even have a shiny, unexplored vista to traverse: Asteria. Asteria specializes in limited-time monster hunts, so get yours while the getting is good.

Source: Press release
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