World of Warcraft now bundles Warlords of Draenor in with base game


There comes a time in every boy or girl’s life where changes start happening. Yes, it might be scary, but it’s also exciting because it indicates that an important transition is underway. We speak, of course, of World of Warcraft’s move to welcome the previous expansion into its base game while it prepares to launch the next chapter.

As we count down to Legion’s launch in August, Blizzard has finally moved to make Warlords of Draenor part of the base game. This means that if you purchase (or receive) World of Warcraft, you’ll get all five expansions to date with it.

Blizzard customer support had advice for those who had purchased the expansion but didn’t activate it yet: “Separate Warlords copies should no longer be available from retailers, as the registration code for the expansion can no longer be redeemed through If someone has an unregistered code for the Warlords of Draenor expansion, my recommendation would be to reach out to us via the options this page, and then be able to provide the registration code once you’re in touch with us.”

Source: Reddit via RPS

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