Trion CM Celestrata has big plans to clean up ArcheAge’s ‘toxic community’ image

Ironically, this is the sort of controversy you'd probably rather face from inside a hot tub.
ArcheAge Senior Community Manager Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan has this week unveiled serious plans to clean up her game’s community image. In the first of what she says will be her dedicated series of letters from the CM, she is frank about how folks around the internet are convinced the ArcheAge community is “a toxic community that should be avoided.”

“Statements like that rip me apart. As a community, we are creative, passionate, intelligent, and bold. We have players from all walks of life who enjoy a variety of extremely disparate activities. We should not be judged by the actions of a disruptive minority in our game. […] We need to move beyond the ‘ArcheAge is a toxic community’ perception, and we need to make some positive changes to get there. We are more than that. You are more than that.”

To that end, she tells players that she is hard at work revising in-game public chat rules and forum moderation rules so that Trion is “tougher on chat violations.” The official forums will be renovated with new feedback and social boards, and Trion is kicking off new events too, including town halls with the studio.

“In short, we want to preserve the political gameplay of ArcheAge while removing attacks or harassment that cross over from the game and into real life,” she explains. “None of that has a place in our public chats, and, starting today, these rules will be more heavily enforced than before.”

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