Darkfall: New Dawn developers outline rewards for players on the InDev setup

This will work out all right. We're all right with the events unfolding at present.

The ultimate goal of the Darkfall: New Dawn team is not just to relaunch the original Darkfall with no alterations, hence the subtitle. However, while the full-on reboot is being developed, the team is providing players with the InDev server, which is just straight-up classic 2012 Darkfall. But how do you get players to play on a server that’s definitely going away once the real thing is ready without having it feel like a glorified waiting room? With rewards, naturally.

Players will not be able to carry over progress directly from the InDev server to the Darkfall: New Dawn servers, but benefits will be earned by purchasing and playing the older version of the game. Players who make significant progress will also be rewarded with certain unlocks and gear rewards to help accelerate veterans out of the starting areas. Check out the full rundown if you’re thinking about taking part but want to make sure that your time on a temporary server will still be rewarded.

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