Asta officially launches with its first major expansion

After the end of Spirited Away, No-Face was forced to do horrible things to survive until his next starring role.

It is just a little bit odd that Asta: The War of Tears and Winds is launching when its first expansion drops. Those two events seem like they ought to be spaced further apart. Then again, it’s a free-to-play game that isn’t just languishing in “open beta” with an active cash shop forever, which is far more important than just an oddness to release timers. And one cannot argue that the game’s launch update/expansion doesn’t contain plenty of content for players to enjoy, with a new race, a new class, and a higher level cap.

The Raksa race (which has a character creation video just below) crosses over to both factions, allowing players to choose which of the two factions needs another short cute character. Raksa players can also take on the new Berserker class as they race toward the new level cap of 55. The update is scheduled to go live on May 31st, so if you’re enjoying the game’s beta, you have about a week until it totally launches for real.

Source: Webzen press release
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