Das Tal seeks feedback on settlement buildings, announces clan alpha contest

Keep it going, folks.

A lot of MMOs talk big about giving players a say in their development, but few deliver the way Fairytale Distillery is by way of a new post on the types of player settlement buildings players want to see in Das Tal.

Game Director Alexander Zacherl says that the sandbox’s new world map will triple the size of the game and include settlements of different sizes and building choices — and he wants feedback on which settlement buildings and features players want to see added first. Fountains? Flags? Merchant stalls? Debuff spires? Time to make your voice heard.

Fairytale Distillery has also posted a new contest for guilds participating in the July alpha this summer. “Anyone registering for the Alpha prior to June 15 will be guaranteed a spot in the Alpha test,” says the studio, and those clans who finish out the alpha with the highest Respect scores will have a chance to win game bundles worth about $33 US.

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