Project Genom doubles its world size and improves character progression


In-development sci-fi MMO Project Genom released a big patch this week. The inconspicuously named 0.6¬†update, studio NeuronHaze says, represents big changes to “the bulk of the game content” and “significally change[s]” to game systems.

“The world itself has doubled, one plot location added, and the old locations are gradually acquiring their final form (you will see new models, design and light). There are new quests and mechanics for the character and vehicles. Most quests have been completely redesigned, and now have a variety of solutions. But the most delicious, what all have been waiting for – the new system of character progression, it is just beginning its formation, but now we can see how the character will improve their skills.”

The game was originally planned for Steam early access in May, but the studio now says that launch is “scheduled for later this year.”

NeuronHaze also recently announced a Kickstarter for its other game, Vigor Roads.

Source: Official site, press release, patch notes. Cheers, Gaius!
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