Aion’s Echoes of Eternity expansion bumps the level cap to 75


NCsoft announced this week that Aion’s North American version is due to receive the 5.0 expansion, better known here as Echoes of Eternity. Here’s the teaser from the official site:

“In this new journey, we begin to recover lost memories from the Cataclysm and discover a truth that will forever change the destiny of Atreia. As a Daeva, you will soon be able to experience: Increased maximum level: Become an Archdaeva and progress to level 75! New instance: Archives of Eternity. Enter the Tower of Eternity for the first time! New zones: Norsvold and Iluma, two ancient areas locked in time at the base of the tower! … and more.”

If you’re thinking, hey, that all sounds familiar, that’s because a version of this patch landed in Korea back in November of last year. Check out the old videos below for some hints at what’s in store for North American players now”