Istaria adds new questline and icon revamp with Niesa’s Fate update


Istaria, which you might remember as Horizons way back in the day, has this week released Niesa’s Fate, the 16.1 update for the dragon-encrusted MMORPG. Cue lore!

“Niesa was a well-known and brilliant alchemist who was also in love with Giltekh Framtor, her one-time apprentice, but now a Master Alchemist in his own right. Ten years ago she vanished in the Eastern Deadlands while searching for components to a potion she claimed ‘would change everything’ about the war. Begin your quest in Aradoth, and solve what happened Niesa.”

Players of this classic MMO can also expect epic boss and item changes, a huge icon art revamp, new decorations in a number of buildings, a new combat dummy, new epic allies, and sweet dryad wings.


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