Slay ARK’s bosses first on The Center and win cash


Fame and fortune are a good combination, right? Beyond bragging rights, Studio Wildcard is offering cold hard cash to the first tribes to defeat ARK: Survival Evolved’s two raid bosses on the new The Center official PvP servers. Whether you play on the Xbox or the PC, you’ve got a shot at the combine $1,000 prize; $500 will go to the first Xbox tribe and another $500 to the first PC tribe to beat both the Broodmother in her lair and the mighty Megapithecus. Proof will be via screenshot: Players must provide images of the pause menu in the boss arenas that show server name as well as images of the loot the bosses leave behind when they are dispatched! All entries must be posted directly on the official thread, but the images can be either uploaded to the official gallery or imgur.

In other news, today the markers showing the new biome areas should be deployed into game, so players will be able to visually see exactly what structures may be impacted. The boundaries are hard to miss! Even better — for the color blind, they borders also have text all to differentiate between the keep out area and the safe zone. You can see what to expect below.

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I do wonder whether enough bugs have been squashed on the new map to allow for a good contest environment, but at the very least this could draw in more people to test the map and the fights. Which is maybe a bargain for then at only $1k.

The in-game markers for biome changes is a good idea.  Hopefully it works out and allows players in affected areas to move (or at least salvage items from) their bases.