Star Trek Online previews the missions of the 23rd century and its console UI

Time after time after time etc.
When Star Trek Online goes back in time to the era of the original series, players are going to have plenty of temporal antics to deal with… along with plenty of more immediate issues like hostile Klingons and phenomena totally unheard of in the 23rd century. Players with Gold or Lifetime subscriptions will be able to experience the Battle of Caleb IV and Tangled Webs before the expansion goes life, giving them a chance to slip back in time and take on threats to Starfleet before the modern era.

If you’re not up for mucking about in the timestream, however… well, this might be the wrong franchise for you, but you can still take advantage of the game’s upcoming console UI. Controlling your starship on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One was always going to require a reworking of certain interface elements, and the solution is a special radial menu allowing players to quickly navigate and utilize abilities in ground combat and space combat. The result is cleaner LCARS-inspired menus and an interface made for a console while still carrying all of the elements of its PC origins.

Source: The Battle of Caleb IV, Tangled Webs, Console UI; thanks to ThatLanteshGuy for the tip!
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