TERA kicks off a new Crusades season and new hard mode dungeons

This is not heading in a positive direction, in other words.
Are you ready to fight for your right to earn real estate in TERA? If the answer is yes, you’ll be happy to know that the game’s new Crusades season is starting up, prompting an epic free-for-all brawl to earn the ownership of TERA‘s magnificent skycastles, which are almost exactly what they sound like. The brawl is limited to guilds, however, so make sure that you’re in a guild and ready to fight as part of a team. You will not be able to win this one alone, no matter how good you are.

If the answer to that opening question is no, however, the game still has something for you from the recent small patch: Two new hard mode dungeons. Both Shadow Sanguinary and Demokron Factory can be challenged in more difficult form, complete with appropriate rewards. So you’ll have something new to do whether you feel like taking part in PvP or not.


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Tera always looks like such a great game.  IDK why I cant ever get into it though.  I love the massive landscapes and everything I read about as far as PvP.