Tree of Savior is temporarily blocking new players


If you’re planning on hopping into Tree of Savior and haven’t done it yet, better get on it quickly. IMCGames has announced today that it’s asked Valve to block new players on Steam while it sorts out issues with the game.

“We are planning to temporarily limit new players from accessing Tree of Savior and have currently requested that Valve restrict newer players from downloading the game. Current players will have no problems in accessing the game.

“Such restrictions are being implemented so that we can solve issues regarding server stability, client-side lag and other service related problems. The decision was made after serious internal debate on how to best to enhance the gaming experience for current and future players alike.

“These restrictions will be put in place as soon as they are implemented by Valve and will be lifted as soon as the issues have been resolved. There will be another announcement as soon as the restrictions are implemented.”

The game officially launched for free-to-play players early this month after a paid early access period plagued with server issues and cheating.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Kanbe.
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