Check out Crowfall’s Druid in action

loud noises

The Druid in Crowfall borrows a bit of a trick from the Ranger insofar as she uses more than one ability tray. In her case, however, she doesn’t swap between the two based on whether or not she’s out of ammunition. Druids make use of one tray and resource to heal allies, another tray to damage and hinder enemies, and a third tray to serve delightful tea and scones to woodland creatures.

That last part might be speculation. It’s not on display in the video down below, certainly; that’s just about the Druid in action, showing off her abilities in a combat scenario and serving tea and scones to precisely no one. But it also doesn’t specifically show that she doesn’t do that, either. So jump down below to see what the Druid can do, and entertain yourself afterwards with thoughts of a forest animal tea party.


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